Announcing Spacetime Diaries

For the past five months, I’ve thrown myself into a large creative project. It’s finally done.

Spacetime Diaries is a science fictional podcast series that combines elements of radio drama with musical/opera to create an immersive, cinematic experience.

The first season is a 75-minute musical adventure about a clash of cultures on a planet in the distant future. It features a cast of thirteen friends, five songs, an immersive sound design complete with foley and score.

You can listen to it now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It follows a woman who is mysteriously transported through space and time to a planet in the future inhabited by humans. The apex creature on this planet is a superintelligent fungus, which eventually learns to communicate and work alongside the humans there. The story is about another colony of humans landing on the planet, and the conflict that ensues between the two cultures. Major themes include environmentalism, post-truth/misinformation, and finding purpose in something greater than oneself.

Written on December 25, 2020